Why ERE?

The ERE Recruiting Conference is a premier global event that will help companies train new and even expert recruiting professionals the latest and most efficient ways to quickly find, attract, and recruit the best talent for the business. Individuals and teams will return to the office freshly equipped with the best methods, techniques, resources, and tools shared by the top movers and shakers of the industry. We understand that you’ve got a limited conference budget, so we work hard to ensure that you’ll have the most interesting, interactive, impactful experience possible.

Here are some reasons why we we’d love to see you at this fall’s conference:

Speakers are TA Leaders and Experienced Recruiters

This conference is not a user group event. That means we do not have an goal or strategy to sell anything. ERE’s agenda is built specifically for TA and recruiters of all levels like you.

You’ll attend sessions led by experts on topics that matter most to you:

• Leadership and successful roadmaps
• Future trends, emerging technologies, and how to leverage them
• Hands-on workshops / training sessions
• Data, predictive analytics, and metrics that are actually relevant to your work

You’ll meet and learn from peers who will help you make the most of your road ahead. Most importantly, you’ll come away with a solid understanding not just of current changes that are shaping the future of talent acquisition—but what those changes mean to you.

Your Success is Our Success

We have one aim—to help you do your job better. It’s that simple. We are not tied to any product or service-provider.

Yes, we have sponsors. And sure, we have the utmost respect for the many of today’s worthwhile products and services.

But our sessions are never sales pitches about how to use specific products. They are geared to help you align individual, team, and enterprise goals so you may succeed in your role.


When you attend an ERE conference, you become part of a unique community of people who genuinely care about the greater good of their team, their company, and building nurturing relationships.

This isn’t about trading business cards to connect on LinkedIn and grow your network. Rather, you’ll discover many opportunities to form and develop beneficial and real bonds centered on helping one another in the long-run.


Technology choices change rapidly. Stay ahead of competition by learning which technologies will influence the industry most—and then learn from peers about which may work best in your own environment or situation.

Trusted by the Recruiting Industry

ERE has been working hard to bring together the talent acquisition community for over 19 years. We’re a trusted source for daily industry news and information. We love what we do and look forward to having you join us for an informative and energizing conference.

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Here’s what they’re saying…

Testimonial Blocks

The ERE conference provides a strong return
on investment of time and resources.
The content, subject matter expertise,
and networks are phenomenal.

Davine Bey,

Director, Talent Acquisition,
Cornell University


"ERE is a great place to meet innovators
in the field of recruitment, and learn
how to take the next step in your
recruitment approach. "

Caroline Murphy,

Marketing Manager,


"Kudos to @ Todd Raphael and his staff
at ERE for putting on another outstanding
conference. If you are a talent acquisition
professional I highly encourage
you to attend at least one of these.
The knowledge you gain from your
peers at these events "is priceless.

Mike Dickinson,

Talent Acquisition Manager,
Lifeguard Ambulance Service LLC

Testimonial Blocks

"The place for TA professionals to network
and find their future direction."
Ron Schwartz

"Great speakers and recruiting visionaries.
Denise Campos, Sr. Recruiter, Baker Corp.

"I walked away with real time,
immediate solutions to my current
TA initiatives and concerns. The sessions are
geared in a way to make you
feel involved and engaged."

"Speculation is easier with data. ERE aligns the
data and hopes of Talent Acquisition"

"The ERE conference was a great way for
TA leaders to learn, engage, network,
and come together. I highly recommend any
senior level TA professionals to attend!"

"No better place to be IN THE KNOW
on all things currently brewing in the
Recruiting world! Hands down
the best networking event on the
planet for TA professionals!!"

"Attend to connect with other experts in
your field, talk shop, get re-inspired,
and take back both
strategic and tactical elements
you can begin to implement on Monday."

"The speakers were very inspiring!
I left pumped and ready
to change things"
Lyne Castonguay
MD Financial Management Ltd

Testimonial Blocks

"Adaptability, candidate experience
and knowing your candidate base is the theme,
especially with entering into a digitized era.
I highly recommend all recruiting professionals
to attend the ERE conference. Speakers are
engaging, leaders of there industry and a
wealth of information. If you don't leave with
wanting to elevate your recruiter skills,
lthen you're in the wrong profession."

Tricia Woodley,

Regional Recruiter
Pacific Dental Services


"As a TA Leader, ERE's conference
provides the opportunity, forum,
and speakers to learn develop and
grow your TA function.


Assistant Vice President of
Talent Acquisition Director,
Manhattan Associates


"Come to ERE if you want to
collaborate with Talent Acquisition
professionals from all waves of life.


Sr Manager - Recruiting Innovation,

Testimonial Blocks

"It was rewarding to share my passion on stage.
To have it so well received was rewarding. "
Charlotte Marshall, VP digital and social media
Magellan Health

Come to learn and hear about
Real life ideas that can spark creative solutions
in talent acquisition. Networking with your peers.
Jennifer Reynolds Director,
Talent Acquisition - Healthcare
DeVry Education Group

"This is a must-do event if you want to meet the
future leaders of Talent Acquisition."

"I found the 2017 ERE conference to be
both informative and invigorating."

"THE event for Talent Acquisition and
Recruiting professionals looking
to collaborate,
learn from and network
with industry leading minds. "

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