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Learn about or even test drive the hottest recruiting technologies. At ERE, expect not only the best of bread products and services but also the startups and newcomers to the space that may be the competitive differentiator you have been looking for.

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As the most trusted source of information in recruiting and talent acquisition for the last 20 years, the ERE spring and fall conferences are the premier events of the community. If you want to share your solution with the leading practitioners who are working on solving the biggest challenges in the space, ERE is the place to be. Attendees come from all over the world to this conference with one mission, to bring back answers to their problems. Don’t miss this opportunity to present your technology or service to help them be successful.

ERE attracts leadership and decision maker attendees by providing strategic direction combined with tactical methods to improve talent acquisition.  Recruitment leaders come from large or quickly growing corporations.  Senior level management will be looking for scalable and measurable solutions to their biggest recruitment challenges.  Attendees come to ERE to find out what technologies, combined with innovative uses, have proven to be the most successful.  We are seeking out innovative products and services that will help attendees bring solutions back to the office and immediately address their biggest obstacles.

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Sponsoring ERE was integral to growing our brand in 2017 and also connected us with decision makers and influencers in the industry. This is a great way to become a part of the industry conversation, and learn from others.

-Caroline Murphy, Marketing Manager,