ERE Recruiting Conference

Omni Austin Hotel Downtown
700 San Jacinto at 8th Street, Austin, TX
May 14-16, 2024

Unusual Times Demand More Than Usual Solutions

The ERE Recruiting Conference stands apart from other events in talent acquisition. For over 20 years, top talent leaders have been speaking at and attending the conference for its reputation as a trusted and unbiased beacon of insights and information. 

Get real recruiting intelligence — concrete, specific, practical advice — from leaders who share your toughest recruiting challenges…and have experience solving them. Join colleagues in a supportive environment to steer recruiting in bold directions that go from reactive to proactive. It’s an ideal chance to immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience that will help you elevate recruiting at your organization. 

The independent insights you need. From talent acquisition’s most respected leaders. Only at ERE.  

For TA Pros, by TA Pros

Gain authoritative advice from top professionals on overcoming today’s toughest challenges


Build relationships with colleagues through numerous interactive opportunities

Actionable Insights

Discover realistic insights to help you elevate recruiting at your company

Continuous Development

Three months of access to the most extensive on-demand video knowledge base for talent acquisition professionals

The only event that brings together every type of thought leader and daily recruiting practitioner with the goal of advancing our profession.

Richard Lucas

The TEDx of conferences for recruiters and talent acquisition. The innovation, intention, and intelligence contributed by the speakers and attendees proves there's a promising future ahead for our industry.

Camille Svenkeson

A game changing conference. I never leave this conference without new ideas, new connections, and new perspectives.

Carmen Hern

The energy was palpable as professionals from diverse industries came together. We shared stories…and instantly formed connections that felt like we had known each other for months.

Einav Shechter

The ERE conference was refreshing and invigorating. I was able to walk away with strategies and initiatives that I want to implement in the short and long term. This was time and money well-spent.

Anitra Makoni

I gained practical tools and knowledge to take back to my organization and felt more empowered to face the war on talent.

Martina Branan

There is no question that attending this conference is well worth the time and money. To advance your recruitment prowess and skills, strategically and tactically, this is the one to attend.

Margot Finley
ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

ERE is so rich with talent expertise, very energizing and extremely motivational! There isn't another organization or membership affiliation out there that offers better content specific to talent acquisition.

Maria York
Universal Orlando Resort


The ERE Experience: interactive, informative, inspiring, interesting, impactful

Tuesday, May 14

5:00 PM CDT


Join peers for an informal gathering to kick off the event. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your fellow colleagues in a relaxed environment.

    Wednesday, May 15

    8:00 AM CDT


      9:00 AM CDT


      Kicking off the day with a word from ERE's editor.
      9:10 AM CDT

      Strategy & Leadership

      Rethink, Redesign, Reimagine: Shift From Foundation to Innovation in Talent Acquisition

      In our current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world, recruiting has been rocked to its core. However, rather than simply reacting to change, it is up to us to create the change we want.
      Join Melissa Thompson, Ford’s global head of talent acquisition, to learn how she and her team have begun shifting from reactive to proactive when it comes to changes aligned with TA people, processes, and systems. It’s an opportunity to get an inside view of the model they are using to drive continuous improvement within TA and deliver quality, qualified, and diverse talent for the business.
      10:00 AM CDT

      Managing Teams

      Taming the Never-Ending To-Do List: How a Prioritization Framework Changed How Recruiters Work at Credit Karma

      Credit Karma recruiters used to have work often dictated by senior execs and assigned based on seniority and tenure. But a transformation changed that. The org now deploys a prioritization framework that has revolutionized how work gets done. Discover how Credit Karma: 
      • Allocates open reqs using a system of point based on how difficult roles are to fill
      • Reset expectations among hiring managers around time to fill
      • Uses dashboards to guide execs through the hiring process 
      • Distributes work to ensure the right roles are worked on at the right times
      • Improves job forecasting for better planning
      10:50 AM CDT

      Networking Break

        11:10 AM CDT

        Concurrent Session: Talent Attraction

        The Hybrid-Work Tug of War: You Need Candidates to Work Onsite. Candidates Want to Work Remotely. Now What?

        Remember when it seemed like remote work would become the status quo? These days, the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction as companies are increasingly eager to bring people back. If only job seekers were just as eager to return.  

        Given the propensity of candidates to reject roles that aren’t remote or flexible, how can you best meet your onsite staffing demands and requests of your hiring teams?

        Discover how to tackle this challenge via a strategy that brings together branding, mobility, reevaluation of needed skills, retraining of hiring teams, and tailored job offers.
        11:10 AM CDT

        Concurrent Session: Diversity & Inclusion

        Doing Diversity Differently: The Impact of Recent Legal Developments on Diversity in Hiring

        The Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action and various states’ anti-DEI legislation have had a chilling effect on diversity in higher education — and it’s already extending into the workplace as companies reexamine DEI efforts. How should recruiting respond? 

        Gain insights to help you understand how to:
        • Assess the impact of the changing legal landscape
        • Improve diversity in recruiting by no longer viewing it as “diversity recruiting”
        • Bridging TA and DEI teams for optimal results
        12:00 PM CDT


          1:00 PM CDT

          Panel Discussion: Talent Analytics

          Is Quality of Hire a Real Metric?: Making Sense of Recruiting’s Most Elusive Measurement

          Many recruiting experts will say that time to fill and cost per hire are so last century. You should be measuring quality of hire. But is that really a metric? And does anyone agree on what it means? 

          Quality of hire is rarely (is it ever?) a single measurement. Rather, it’s a collection of data points. But which?
          • Which numbers should, and shouldn't, constitute quality of hire? 
          • What role might industry, company, job, and other factors play in deciding on a definition? 
          • Who should measure quality of hire?
          A panel of TA experts will answer these and other questions to help you determine what quality of hire should look like at your company.
          2:00 PM CDT

          Exclusive: Digital Attendees

          Legally Speaking: An Employment Attorney Answers Your Legal Questions

          Want to know which legal issues to be especially aware of this year? Got a question about the latest EEOC or NLRB ruling? Need to make sure that your latest recruiting initiatives are compliant? This is your chance to ask an employment attorney these and other questions that are top of mind. Nothing is off-limits. 

          Join this interactive discussion to gain an expert legal perspective to help you move forward with your talent acquisition efforts.
          2:00 PM CDT

          Exclusive: In-Person Attendees


          Join your fellow colleagues for a series of candid discussions about today’s most important recruiting topics and challenges. It’s a great opportunity to exchange insights, experiences, and advice with your peers — as well as network and build relationships. 
            2:40 PM CDT

            Networking Break

              3:00 PM CDT

              Concurrent Session: Technology & Artificial Intelligence

              Hiring Humans in the Age of Automation

              Join Craig Fisher for a transformative journey at "Hiring Humans in the Age of Automation," where we explore innovative strategies for attracting, converting, and retaining top talent amidst the challenges and opportunities of automation and technology. This engaging presentation is designed for talent acquisition professionals, HR leaders, and anyone keen on revolutionizing their recruitment approach. Key takeaways include:

              • Empathy in Job Descriptions: Learn to craft inclusive, unbiased job descriptions that resonate with a diverse talent pool, fostering a more inclusive workplace.
              • Leveraging Technology for Human Connections: Dive into how leveraging recruitment technologies and social media can enhance your employer branding and create authentic connections with candidates.
              • Innovative Recruitment Marketing: Uncover the secrets behind a successful recruitment marketing strategy, using data and creativity to stand out in a crowded market.
              Embark on this insightful exploration with Craig Fisher, and arm yourself with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the age of automation while keeping the human touch at the forefront of your talent acquisition efforts.
              3:00 PM CDT

              Concurrent Session: High-Volume Hiring

              Steering High-Volume Hiring on a New Course: How Holland America Turned Around Its Recruiting Practice to Meet Its Goals

              In 2022, Holland America hired 2,500 workers, falling short of its hiring goals by 1,000. As a result, it was forced to cancel cruises. This year, the company met its staffing needs, hiring 4,200 people. How did its talent acquisition department create this dramatic turnaround? Learn how the organization:
              • Revamped its hiring process to focus on speed
              • Minimized dropouts between offer and Day 1
              • Automated specific parts of the hiring for greater efficiency
              • Used texting to connect better with candidates
              • Leveraged incentives to attract job seekers
              4:05 PM CDT

              Candidate Experience

              A Look at Today’s Candidates: Identifying the Most Impactful Tactics to Improve Candidate Experience

              Every organization wants to improve candidate experience, but with so many touchpoints with candidates, it can be challenging to determine where to start. Where will efforts create the most impact? 

              This session will present the latest findings by Talent Board, the leading research organization for all things candidate experience. You’ll learn what companies that rank highly among job seekers are doing to sustain a quality candidate experience. From handling rejections to managing referrals and beyond, discover the most impactful ways to improve your hiring process.

              Thursday, May 16

              8:00 AM CDT


                9:00 AM CDT


                The event continues with more recruiting intelligence and opportunities to interact with fellow colleagues.
                9:10 AM CDT

                Strategy & Leadership

                Rewriting the Rules of Recruiting: How to Evolve Recruiters to Adapt to Today’s Economy

                Recruiters have traditionally been valued based on the activity they generate — the more open reqs, calls, interviews, hires, the better. It was a volume game. But in today’s economy, profitability is the key success metric. For recruiting, that means that the volume game is no longer the winning strategy. 

                Discover how Duolingo is evolving the role, skills, and mindset of its recruiters to be more recession-proof and company-additive. From helping your recruiters become function experts to connecting work better with talent management, learn how to rewrite the rules of recruiting at your own org.
                10:00 AM CDT

                Economy & Labor Market

                The State of the Labor Market: What Every Recruiter Needs to Know to Improve Workforce Planning

                It’s been a topsy-turvy time in the labor market, especially for recruiters. The complex nature of trends can make workforce planning especially difficult. Which developments in which industries, in which geographies, and in which types of jobs will influence recruiting? 

                Labor market experts Jay Denton and Mallory Vachon will discuss trends and data in accessible, relevant ways. They will explain what you need to know to hire better and faster and provide insights into developments affecting the recruiting profession. 
                10:50 AM CDT

                Networking Break

                  11:10 AM CDT

                  Concurrent Session: Employer Branding

                  Hello Goodbye: Crafting Memorable Beginnings and Endings in the Employee Lifecycle

                  Join us for a lively exploration of two pieces of the candidate and employee experience, from attraction with the right actions to the bittersweet moments of an exit. In "Hello Goodbye," we'll uncover the secret to creating a magnetic employer brand that captivates at the beginning and the end. Through heartwarming insights, humorous reflections, and actionable takeaways, this session will show you how to celebrate the first and last chapter of your employees' careers, turning arrivals and departures into unforgettable moments that enhance your employer brand and leave a lasting legacy.

                  Attraction in Action: 
                  • It's not an intake meeting. It's a Recruiting Strategy Consultation.
                  • Your hiring managers are part of the show. Please give them the stage. 
                  • Trust and transparency are a must for attracting and keeping the right talent.
                  Exiting Employees with Dignity: 
                  • Put yourself in their shoes. It's not about you, it's about them. 
                  • What's next? The mental and emotional toll. 
                  • A good exit equals boomerangs and referrals. 
                  11:10 AM CDT

                  Concurrent Session: Executive Search

                  A Practical Playbook for Hiring Leaders in High-Stakes Scenarios

                  Hiring usually starts with a job description. But when hiring leaders, the usual approach won’t cut it. To hire the best leaders, it’s critical to use a 360 methodology. 

                  Discover how to develop a practical scorecard to assess leadership candidates in ways that provide a full view of their capabilities and potential. You’ll learn how to leverage candidate personas in the hiring process in new ways, as well as walk away with a concrete playbook of novel methods to elevate hiring at all levels in your organization.
                  12:00 PM CDT


                    1:00 PM CDT

                    Panel Discussion: Technology & Artificial Intelligence

                    What’s Now With Generative AI?: A Discussion of Different Approaches to Integrating Emerging Tech

                    The infusion of AI into talent acquisition created initial waves of hype, excitement, and trepidation. But it’s no longer 2019…or even to 2023. We’re now at the point where it’s vital to move beyond feelings and speculations to instead focus on concrete application of emerging tech.

                    Join a panel of recruiting pros who will offer a range of insights on integrating AI into talent acquisition. Whether you’re a skeptic, an early adopter, or further along on your tech journey, you’ll gain advice on how best to incorporate AI based on your organization’s current state and needs.
                    2:00 PM CDT

                    Exclusive: Digital Attendees

                    What The Hell Happened and What Does It All Mean?: A Look at the Recent Past, Present, and Future of Recruiting Tech

                    Delve into the past, present, and future of TA tech to understand how market shifts, evolving tech landscapes, and global socio-economic upheavals have put TA through hell recently — and how to plan better for the future. 

                    Come ready for some realness as you discover where different strategies, behaviors, and dynamics could have yielded — and still can yield — better outcomes.

                    This session will not only be a reflective look back but also a strategic roadmap for the future, ensuring that you are better prepared, more resilient, and more adaptable in the face of ongoing change.
                    2:00 PM CDT

                    Exclusive: In-Person Attendees


                    It's Round 2 of Roundtables! Another terrific chance to have robust discussions about today's toughest recruiting challenges. Learn from peers, exchange advice, and build new relationships in the process.
                      2:50 PM CDT

                      Networking Break

                        3:10 PM CDT

                        Concurrent Session: Hiring Process

                        The Most Ambiguous Trend in Recruiting: Transforming Skills-Based Hiring Into a Concrete, Practical Program

                        Many talent pros talk about skills-first hiring based on what it is not — that is, it’s not about emphasizing years of experience or education. They’ll add that it’s about…skills. But what does that actually mean? Discover what a skills-first-hiring approach looks like in practice. Learn how to:
                        • Conduct a simplified job analysis to identify needed skills
                        • Develop practices that emphasize skills throughout the hiring process using predictive models and research
                        • Leverage assessments to enable people to demonstrate proficiency and impact, while mitigating bias
                        • Link skills-based hiring to compensation
                        3:10 PM CDT

                        Get 40% More Applicants on Your Job Postings

                        Let’s start with the end in mind…more qualified applicants for job ads. In my session, I'll use a case study that resulted in 40% more applicants on over 14,000 job postings in a single month. You will walk away with three strategies to focus on for every job you post that can earn you the same results. Each strategy has actionable tactics that make this model repeatable in your organization.
                        4:05 PM CDT

                        From Folklore to Future: Developing Recruiters to Thrive Amidst AI and Automation

                        In this session, Jim Durbin covers the folklore story of a railroad worker who challenged a steam engine to a contest to protect the jobs of his crew. The parallels easily blend into the challenge of AI in talent acquisition (TA) - reminding us to prepare our teams to compete against an overhyped threat of AI. 

                        Here are the key points:
                        • TA leaders discover best practices in presenting TA data that preserve headcount and budgets.
                        • Recruiters learn how to leverage time-saving tools while continuing to practice the high-touch skills necessary for converting candidates.
                        • Sourcers gain insights, giving clues to human behavior that find candidates who don't want to be stack-ranked by an AI. 
                        • Operations teams learn how to build TA analytics reports that senior leaders use. 
                        4:55 PM CDT


                        Wrapping up the event as we say goodbye.

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