ERE Recruiting Conference

The Westin Anaheim Resort
1030 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA
November 12-14, 2024

Embrace the New Era of Recruiting

A mix of volatility and innovation has created a need for TA transformation and modernization. If you’re like most recruiting professionals, you’re struggling to adapt to today’s difficult environment as you ask: “How can I elevate talent acquisition when it seems like the professional is facing existential challenges?”

Join us at the ERE Recruiting Conference, where global talent acquisition leaders converge to tackle today's most pressing challenges in staffing, talent attraction, and hiring. Gain insights from a diverse mix of TA pros and discover how to become irreplaceable strategic advisors in a rapidly changing environment. Support and celebrate your peers in-person and online as we navigate the tides of change and embrace technology and candidate experience.

Transforming TA

Gain unparalleled expertise from industry leaders to overcome today’s most formidable challenges

Peer Networking

Foster connections with other practitioners through a variety of interactive learning experiences

Recruiting Intelligence

Future-proof your recruiting efforts with actionable insights, strategies and tactics

Inspiration & Motivation

Engage with TA innovators and learn from their success stories to spark new ideas

Join us at the CandE Awards

Each year the CandE Benchmark Research Program recognizes those participating employers with the highest candidate experience ratings with our coveted CandE Awards.

We will celebrate their achievements at the CandE Awards ceremony on November 13th at 6:00 PM. It’s a special time when we announce the CandE winners from around the world and honor them for raising the bar for candidate experience.

If you are dedicated to candidate experience, it's not too late to participate in the CandE Benchmark Research Program. The deadline to complete all steps and surveys in the program is August 31, but you can do it all in 2 weeks, and we provide you with everything you need to confidentiality and anonymously measure your process and see how you compare.

Aspen Dental
Foot Locker
Grant Thornton
Hoag Medical Group
Schneider Electric
Southwest Airlines
The Met
US Bank
Western Union

There is no question that attending this conference is well worth the time and money. To advance your recruitment prowess and skills, strategically and tactically, this is the one to attend.

Margot Finley
ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

I gained practical tools and knowledge to take back to my organization and felt more empowered to face the war on talent.

Martina Branan

The ERE conference was refreshing and invigorating. I was able to walk away with strategies and initiatives that I want to implement in the short and long term. This was time and money well-spent.

Anitra Makoni

The energy was palpable as professionals from diverse industries came together. We shared stories…and instantly formed connections that felt like we had known each other for months.

Einav Shechter

ERE is so rich with talent expertise, very energizing and extremely motivational! There isn't another organization or membership affiliation out there that offers better content specific to talent acquisition.

Maria York
Universal Orlando Resort

A game changing conference. I never leave this conference without new ideas, new connections, and new perspectives.

Carmen Hern

The TEDx of conferences for recruiters and talent acquisition. The innovation, intention, and intelligence contributed by the speakers and attendees proves there's a promising future ahead for our industry.

Camille Svenkeson

The only event that brings together every type of thought leader and daily recruiting practitioner with the goal of advancing our profession.

Richard Lucas


Wednesday, November 13

8:00 AM PST


    9:00 AM PST

    ERE Recruiting Conference Emcee

    Welcome! I’ll be your emcee for the fall ERE Recruiting Conference. 
    9:10 AM PST


    Rise Like a Phoenix or Perish Like the Dodo: Forging the Future of Recruiting

    Recruiting must shake off yesterday’s ideas and approaches or face the fate of the dodo. It's a time of transformation where visionary leaders must blaze new trails. This transformative session will feature Kevin, a visionary leader in the field, who will share groundbreaking ideas on a new recruiting era.

    The discussion points:
    • Explore the limitations of yesterday's approaches.
    • Understand the impact of a rapidly changing job market and technological advancements.
    • Learn about data-driven recruitment, AI in hiring processes, and the importance of a strong employer brand.
    • Insights on creating a flexible, inclusive, and engaging hiring process.
    • Strategies for attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive landscape.
    • Understand the role of visionary leaders in driving recruitment transformation.
    Join us for this compelling session and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to take charge of transforming your recruitment strategies. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's brightest minds and ensure your recruiting practices are future-ready.
    10:00 AM PST

    Employer Branding - Recruitment Marketing

    Are You Running to Stand Still? How You Can Win the Talent Acquisition Arms Race (without going broke)

    In 2024, Talent Acquisition will spend $32.8B in a global arms race on ATSs, CRMs, ads, tools, bots, content, and any number of other cutting-edge recruiting tactics. 

    Your company is spending more and more to maintain pace with your competitors. You're working harder than ever, but it never feels like you're winning the game. This might be why your CFO and CHRO tell you you will have to find a way to do more with less.

    There are only two ways to win an arms race. The first is to outspend everyone else by a significant margin, but that isn't really an option. The second way is to change the game.

    Don't miss James Ellis' presentation on how companies can create a meaningful recruitment advantage without exhausting your budget. You won't want to miss this!
    10:45 AM PST

    Networking Break

      11:15 AM PST

      Concurrent Session: Business Management - Leadership

      Purpose Driven Talent Acquisition: Intentional Leadership for Long-Term Success

      Enhance your Talent Acquisition leadership skills beyond mere task management in this engaging session with Steve White. Discover how to adopt intentional, culture-driven, and goal-oriented strategies that can revolutionize your approach. Steve will guide you in leading your teams to achieve repeatable, purposeful, and measurable results (RPM Key Results). Learn the critical value of making and keeping promises to the business by setting and meeting meaningful goals, fostering true partnerships over transactional relationships, and embedding cultural beliefs that drive excellence. This session is packed with practical insights to elevate your talent acquisition efforts, focusing on the 3Rs: building strong relationships, delivering transformational results, and enhancing our readiness to support and grow the business. Join us to transform your talent acquisition strategy and achieve lasting success.
      11:15 AM PST

      Unlocking Excellence: Strategies for Becoming an Indispensable TA Function

      This session explores essential strategies for creating an indispensable Talent Acquisition (TA) function. Learn how to build strategic, agile, and adaptable TA practices that deliver talent with the right skills at the right time and cost and position TA as a core strategic business function. Discover the skills necessary to take your team's capabilities “from ordinary to extraordinary” and shift from traditional recruitment (aka “order taking”) to talent resourcing (aka “talent advising”).

      •  Positioning TA as a core strategic business function.
      • Adapting and evolving your TA function to keep pace with rapid changing landscape.
      • Structuring your team for success by balancing in-house efforts with outsourcing for optimal efficiency.
      • Shifting team from recruiters to strategic talent advisors.
      11:15 AM PST

      Concurrent Session: High-Volume Hiring


        12:05 PM PST


          1:30 PM PST

          Panel Discussion: Technology & Artificial Intelligence

          Artificial Intelligence vs. Recruiters: Who Does it Better?

          As AI continues to make waves in the recruitment industry, many wonder if the human touch still has a place. Can a machine truly replace human intuition and experience? Join us for a dynamic panel discussion where we debate between Talent Acquisition (TA) experts and AI technology advocates. In this discussion, we will explore:

          • The Competitive Edge of AI: Discover how AI recruitment technologies transform talent acquisition, providing efficiency and precision that traditional methods struggle to match.
          • The Human Touch: Understand the irreplaceable value of human insight and experience in recruitment and how it complements AI innovations.
          • Strategic Planning for the Future: Learn how to balance AI and human elements to create a robust and future-ready recruitment strategy.

          Don't miss this spirited discussion that will equip you with insights to navigate the evolving talent acquisition landscape. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a champion of human-centric approaches, this session offers valuable perspectives for everyone involved in recruitment.
          2:30 PM PST

          Exclusive: Digital Attendees

          Legally Speaking: An Employment Attorney Answers Your Legal Questions

          Want to know which legal issues to be especially aware of this year? Do you have a question about the latest EEOC or NLRB ruling? Do you need to make sure that your latest recruiting initiatives are compliant? This is your chance to ask an employment attorney these and other questions at the top of your mind. Nothing is off-limits. 

          Join this interactive discussion to gain an expert legal perspective on how to move forward with your talent acquisition efforts.

          2:30 PM PST

          Exclusive: In-Person Attendees


          Join your fellow colleagues for a series of candid discussions about today’s most important recruiting topics and challenges. It’s a great opportunity to exchange insights, experiences, and advice with your peers — as well as network and build relationships. 
            3:20 PM PST

            Networking Break

              3:50 PM PST

              Concurrent Session: Executive Search


                3:50 PM PST

                Candidate Experience

                The Ultimate Outcomes: Positive and Fair Candidate Experiences

                Measuring recruiting activities and their outcomes is important for TA leaders and their teams. How many candidates are visiting our careers site, and how many are applying? While long-time recruiting and hiring metrics like Time to Fill, Time to Hire, and many others may still be recruiting canon, ultimately, business leaders want to know whether we are hitting our hiring goals to grow and sustain our business. That’s the ultimate outcome. 

                But what can we do about the 90% who aren’t offered the job? It’s all about delivering positive and fair candidate experiences throughout the candidate journey. 

                Don’t miss this insightful and interactive ERE Recruiting Conference session with Kevin Grossman, ERE Media VP of Research. Kevin will share the latest CandE Benchmark Research, and key takeaways will include:

                • Understanding that those who are hired will always be much more willing to refer others—over 80% more willing in our research—they will also have a better overall experience—an over 70% better experience. And one in every three to four hires is an internal candidate.
                • Understanding the perennial differentiators of consistent and timely communications from pre-application to onboarding and consistent and timely expectation setting about the entire recruiting process.
                • Understanding how CandE Winners, companies with above-average ratings in our annual research, consistently deliver positive and fair candidate experiences.
                • Understanding the positive return on these candidate journey outcomes includes the candidates’ willingness to apply again, refer others, be brand advocates, and even be customers for consumer-based businesses.

                3:50 PM PST

                Concurrent Session: Talent Intelligence

                People Analytics: from data to meaningful insights

                Leveraging workforce data effectively can be a game-changer in today's competitive business environment. This session will give you the knowledge and tools to transform raw data into actionable insights, drive strategic business decisions, and help you achieve your organizational objectives.

                • Understanding Workforce Data: Learn the fundamentals of workforce data and why it’s crucial for your business.
                • Creating a People Analytics Strategy: Discover how to develop a robust people analytics strategy that fosters innovation.
                • Leveraging Technology: Explore the latest technologies that can help you collect, analyze, and interpret workforce data.
                • Driving Business Decisions: Understand how to translate data insights into concrete business actions that align with your company’s goals.
                • Achieving Objectives: Determine how to use data to set, track, and effectively meet organizational objectives. 
                Join us for this dynamic session to unlock the power of your workforce data and turn insights into impactful business decisions. Whether you are just starting with people analytics or looking to enhance your existing strategy, this session will provide valuable insights and practical takeaways to help you succeed.

                4:40 PM PST

                Day One Wrap-Up

                Closing remarks

                  Thursday, November 14

                  8:00 AM PST


                    9:00 AM PST

                    Welcome Back!

                    ERE Recruiting Conference Day 2 and Emcee opening remarks
                    9:10 AM PST


                    Future-Proof Leadership: Leaning Into DEI for Sustainable Success in Lean Times

                    In a season where DEI budgets are being slashed, and its impact on revenue is questioned, how can leaders, especially those on the frontlines of increasing diversity, ensure their teams remain irreplaceable? Join Jenn Tardy in this timely keynote as she provides advanced insights on navigating these challenges. Using the metaphor of an obstacle course, Jenn will address the unique barriers faced by marginalized groups and share language that leaders can use to continue to move the needle to increase diversity and retention in their workplaces--even in lean times. Attendees will leave equipped with practical strategies to integrate DEI into their core operations, ensuring resilience and long-term growth. Jenn Tardy's keynote will explore advanced strategies for maintaining diversity and retention in challenging times, providing leaders with the tools to build inclusive, irreplaceable teams.

                    Learning objectives:
                    • Understanding Ambition and Perception: Explore what it means to feel ambitious but always be perceived as different and how this perception shapes workplace experiences.
                    • Navigating and Impact of Obstacles: Understand how perceptions, fueled by biases, create an obstacle course for marginalized groups and examine how these obstacle courses impact marginalized groups and perpetuate barriers.
                    • Supporting Vulnerable Groups: Learn how supporting your most vulnerable groups positively impacts all employees and contributes to a more inclusive and productive workplace.
                    • Lived Experience Intelligence: Gain insights into leveraging lived experiences to foster a more inclusive and resilient team.
                    10:00 AM PST


                      10:50 AM PST

                      Networking Break

                        11:20 AM PST

                        Concurrent Session: Talent Attraction

                        Beyond Hiring: Mastering the Talent Ecosystem for Strategic Advantage

                        Join us for an insightful session that delves into the transformative approach of viewing talent acquisition as more than just hiring. Learn how to elevate your role to a strategic talent advisor by understanding and managing the entire talent ecosystem. We will explore innovative strategies for internal talent mobility, leveraging on-demand talent platforms and adopting a skills-based approach to meet organizational needs. Discover how to facilitate meaningful conversations with managers about their talent requirements, enabling you to strategically source and develop the skills necessary for your organization’s success. Attendees will leave with a new understanding of how they can add value to the organization and become irreplaceable.
                        11:20 AM PST

                        Concurrent Session: Hiring Process

                        How Recruiters Can Beat AI On Evaluating Candidates

                        In an era where AI is rapidly transforming the TA landscape, human recruiters still hold a crucial advantage: the ability to discern nuance and attitude in job interviews. Author of Hiring For Attitude and New York Times bestseller Mark Murphy shares the latest research on how recruiters can outperform AI in evaluating candidates. He’ll share:

                        • Why 89% of hiring failures stem from attitudes rather than skills, and how this poses a challenge for AI-driven assessments
                        • The limitations of AI in interpreting subtle cues and context in candidate responses
                        • Proven techniques for asking behavioral interview questions that reveal a candidate's true attitudes and potential cultural fit
                        • How to spot red flags in candidate responses that AI might miss, including specific language patterns and verbal cues
                        • Strategies for conducting consistent, attitude-focused interviews across your organization
                        • The critical role of human discernment in evaluating emotional intelligence, coachability, and cultural alignment
                        Enhance your hiring toolkit and learn how to leverage the uniquely human aspects of recruitment in the age of AI. Discover how to make more informed hiring decisions beyond surface-level assessments and gauge a candidate's potential for success in your organization.
                        12:10 PM PST


                          1:10 PM PST

                          Panel Discussion: Technology & Artificial Intelligence

                          How AI and Recruiting Technologies Can Make Talent Acquisition Irreplaceable

                          In a year marked by rapid transformation, the talent acquisition (TA) industry has faced unprecedented changes. The fluctuating job market and the quest for increased efficiency have intensified the need for new skills, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI). As recruiting evolves, the synergy between human talent and cutting-edge technology becomes crucial for successful hiring outcomes.

                          Join us for an engaging panel discussion moderated by industry expert Lance Haun, featuring Paradox, Sense, and Survale executive leaders. 

                          This dynamic session will delve into:

                          • The essential role of AI in the future of talent acquisition and why TA professionals must embrace it.
                          • Advanced recruiting technologies can enhance recruiter efficiency, reduce burnout, and boost job satisfaction, leading to better retention.
                          • The powerful impact of AI and tech partnerships on hiring outcomes ensures that TA remains indispensable in the ever-changing landscape.
                          Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to adapt, innovate, and secure your place as a key player in the evolving world of talent acquisition!
                          2:10 PM PST

                          Exclusive: In-Person Attendees


                          It's Round 2 of Roundtables! Another terrific chance to have robust discussions about today's toughest recruiting challenges. Learn from peers, exchange advice, and build new relationships in the process.
                            2:10 PM PST

                            Exclusive: Digital Attendees

                            Elevate Your Recruiting Game: Leveraging Podcasts for Talent Attraction

                            Candidates are fatigued, and the recruiter noise is overwhelming. There has to be a more engaging and effective way to reach your prospects, candidates, and target audience. The solution? Podcasts!

                            Join us for an insightful session in which Adam Posner will discuss how podcasts can revolutionize your recruiting strategy. Discover how companies successfully use podcasts to enhance talent attraction, candidate engagement, and brand awareness.

                            Adam, the host of the globally ranked career and recruitment show #thePOZcast, has produced nearly 400 episodes over the past three years. He has honed his podcast into a powerful ecosystem that:

                            • Boosts brand awareness and acts as a lead magnet for candidates and clients.
                            • Develops and fosters business relationships that convert into clients.
                            • Establishes thought leadership for both hosts and guests.
                            • Provides a treasure trove of content across all mediums.
                            • Builds a community centered around value-added content.
                            • Shares unique perspectives with the world.
                            • Creates authentic social credibility.
                            Before pitching his recruitment services, Adam built a podcast and a system to convert guests into clients through deep relationship-building. In this session, he will share his journey and strategy, offering recruiters the tools to create and leverage podcasts within their organizations.

                            Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to transform your recruitment process and stand out in the talent marketplace with the power of podcasts.
                            2:55 PM PST

                            Networking Break

                              3:15 PM PST

                              Concurrent Session: Employer Branding

                              Become a Talent Magnet: Leveraging Personal Branding for Proactive Recruitment

                              In this era of talent scarcity, proactive recruitment is key. I'll share my tried-and-tested strategies for using personal branding to attract top talent, based on my experience building dynamic teams in competitive markets.

                              Key takeaways:
                              • A step-by-step guide to crafting your personal brand narrative, with exercises to help you articulate your unique value proposition
                              • Practical tips for leveraging social media platforms to establish thought leadership, including content calendars and engagement strategies
                              • Real-world case studies of successful employer branding campaigns I've led, with metrics and lessons learned
                              • Actionable techniques for building and nurturing relationships with passive candidates through your personal brand
                              • A framework for measuring the ROI of your personal branding efforts, with specific KPIs and tracking methods
                              You'll walk away with a concrete action plan to transform your personal brand into a powerful tool for proactive recruitment, complete with templates, checklists, and resources to implement immediately in your organization.
                              3:15 PM PST

                              Concurrent Session: Diversity & Inclusion

                              Igniting Purpose: Fostering a Welcoming and Inclusive Culture

                              Ron Fish shares his inspirational journey, highlighting how family members with disabilities have profoundly shaped his professional life, driving him to foster a welcoming and inclusive culture at a global software company. 

                              Ron's dedication to disability inclusion and accessibility has not only earned recognition from the Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities but also serves as a testament to the positive impact one individual can make. His story highlights the importance of empathy, understanding, and proactive measures in creating a workplace where everyone can thrive.

                              Key steps include:

                              • Education and Awareness: Foster a culture of understanding through training programs and employee resource groups.
                              • Accessibility: Ensure that both the physical and digital workspaces are accessible to all employees.
                              • Support Systems: Provide resources and support systems for employees with disabilities, such as flexible work arrangements and assistive technologies.
                              • Inclusive Policies: Develop and implement policies that promote diversity and inclusion, ensuring equal opportunities for all.
                              • Leadership Commitment: Secure commitment from leadership to champion and drive inclusion initiatives.
                              4:05 PM PST


                                4:55 PM PST

                                Emcee's close

                                That's a wrap! 

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