Help me get to the ERE Recruiting Conference!

Still need to convince your manager to send you to the ERE Recruiting Conference? Here are three ways to make your business case:

  • Recruiting’s most respected leaders. The ERE Recruiting Conference is the premier independent event for talent acquisition leaders. The agenda is driven by top in-house practitioners whose expertise you can trust.
  • Practical, concrete insights and advice. Theory is interesting, but you need actionable advice to solve your toughest challenges. That’s why the event doesn’t just explore ideas but provides real recruiting intelligence — that is, realistic actions you can take to advance talent acquisition at your company.
  • Meaningful relationships. With plenty of networking opportunities, you’ll meet colleagues with whom you can share success stories, discuss challenges, and build meaningful relationships. All in a supportive, friendly environment.

Do you want to come to the ERE Recruiting Conference, but need some help?

Help me convince my boss

Let Our AI Build Your Business Case

We'll help you write an email that will present the business case for you and your team to attend the ERE Recruiting Conference in Anaheim on November 12-14, 2024